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  • We aim to strive more in giving the sincerest and blissful service in good health, safety, and abundance of well being for seafarers, their love ones, and their colleagues.
  • We amazed for the warm welcome of our pride Filipinos in Central Visayas! Click here »
  • We aim to help all seafarers with their concerns: enhance their Skills and Trainings for their Professions, to build the strong relationship with their families and communities, to educate and enhance their Financial literacy, to get involve in livelihood, to mentor them in entrepreneurship, to have affection with our environment, and shaping them to be great children of God.
  • A profound letter of appreciation from Mariners' Polytechnic Training Center... Click here »
  • Search for our Club Officers in SeamanOnlinePH Club are still going on, stay tuned.
  • NARITO NA! Saan mang panig ng mundo, pagmamahal sa pamilya at kaibigan iyong maipapahayag na! Saan man silang lugar at anumang oras, iyong mensahe ay kanilang matatanggap! Click here »
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  • We are going to embrace great numbers of our friendly communities in Maritime from North to South and East to West of the World!
  • Remembering your Alma Mater, so get in touch NOW here.
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